Moltara plot prizes

Moltara plot prizes

View our guide linked below for steps, prizes and how-to's! .. There are glowing worms hanging out around Moltara City and the caves (that's. A new 'quest' is now available within Moltara ; collecting worms! Unfortunately, it is a bit more tedious than it sounds. Continue reading on for a complete guide. Atlas of the Ancients Plot Trophy and Prize Guide more steps from the first 11 steps in the log, these are the ones not related to pipe fixing at Moltara Meltdown.

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: Moltara plot prizes

Moltara plot prizes

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Moltara plot prizes

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Plot: Atlas of the Ancients

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There are two options to choose from in order to proceed further into the cave; left or right. Until then, check out the Games Master Challenge! Moltara plot prizes City In the cobblestone circle in the middle of the city towards the bottom right.

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