Study island prizes to win

Study island prizes to win

Edmentum's Study Island Summer Academic Sprints Contest. Your students have a chance to win fantastic prizes! June 4, — August 17, . Finish the school year strong with Study Island's Math Sprint: April , Compete with other schools around the country to win $1, in Study Island products! Joining the race is as easy as 1 + 2 = Gold Medal Prizes. School: $1, in. On Study Island, students can review skills taught in class and explore new party, and third graders received an additional set of prizes which included candy .

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Study island prizes to win Bc book prizes twitter backgrounds Study island prizes to win

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  • Edmentum's Study Island Summer Academic Sprints Contest. Your students have a chance to win fantastic prizes! June 4, — August...
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Study island prizes to win

Study island prizes to win -

This can include logos, characters, student artwork, and more — let your imaginations run wild! With the new school year about to begin, what better way to bond with your students and draw out their creative sides than with the Study Island Back-to-School Decorating Contest? You can also find details and official contest terms here.

Study Island Math Sprint Rules: Participating schools must have at least 50 students participate in the contest to be eligible to win. The elementary, middle, and high school student that correctly answers the most math questions wins! Submit photos or videos of your decorations by no later than October 9,

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Creatively decorate your classrooms, computer labs, hallways, or auditoriums with a Study Island Theme. Wednesday, August 26, Questions from Study Island Custom Assessments and benchmark tests do not count towards overall contest question quantity. Participating schools must have at least 50 students participate in the contest to be eligible to win. She graduated from the University of Phoenix with a bachelor's Study island prizes to win in Sales and Marketing Communications.

The 1 Curriculum and Assessment Partner for Educators.

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  1. With the new school year about to begin, what better way to bond with your students and draw out their creative sides than with the Study Island Back-to-School Decorating Contest?

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