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Madame Marie Curie famously snagged two Nobel Prizes—for Physics in with husband Pierre and Henri Becquerel, and again in for Chemistry after discovering radium and polonium—but many other women have also been awarded the Physics, Chemistry, and Physiology or Medicine Nobels, too. Here are their stories. The Curies have more Nobel laureates than any other family.

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The Nobel Prizes Swedish: Nobelprisen are prizes awarded annually by the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences , the Swedish Academy , the Karolinska Institutet , and the Norwegian Nobel Committee to individuals and organizations who make outstanding contributions in the fields of chemistry , physics , literature , peace , and physiology or medicine. The Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences was established in by the Sveriges Riksbank , the central bank of Sweden , for contributions to the field of economics. Each recipient, or "laureate", receives a gold medal, a diploma , and a sum of money, which is decided annually by the Nobel Foundation.