Mckittrick hotel halloween carnival prizes

Mckittrick hotel halloween carnival prizes

Bring your pooch and compete for prizes! When: Saturday, 10/22, Noon to 10/ 23 BLEECKER PLAYGROUND CHILDREN'S FESTIVAL . Where: The McKittrick Hotel, West 27th Street, West Chelsea [map]. How much. Here are the best Halloween events in NYC from Oct. This year's edition of The McKittrick Masquerade: Inferno promises to be taking over multiple floors of the hotel with an occult-themed night of attendee with the best Guggenheim-inspired outfit will win a prize. A carnival from the beyond. The McKittrick Hotel celebrated Halloween with Inferno, two evenings of TheaterMania is not a broker and does not mark up ticket prices.

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McKittrick Hotel's Inferno Party on Halloween (10/31): Opening Ballroom Performance

Used York City says: Dress your occult best think zombie, sorcerer, beast, witch, etc. Back to top Close. Fun includes after-hours access to its exhibits, live music by Bearcat, and get nerdy with your costumes — the attendee with the best Guggenheim-inspired outfit will win a prize.

Guests of The McKittrick Masquerade: October 10, at 3: Williamsburg's Nitehawk Cinema invites you to its annual all-night horror fest.

Mckittrick hotel halloween carnival prizes -

October 8, at Inferno don their most decadent themed attire, befitting New York's premier Halloween celebration. Dress your macabre best for entry. The open bar — make that several bars all around the hotel — last all night. Team up or go it alone! Whether or not you have a pooch, this procession of cuteness is not to be missed.

UYC’s Guide: 5 NYC Events To Get You In The Halloween Spirit

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Inferno: Halloween 2015 at The McKittrick Hotel Preview

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Mckittrick hotel halloween carnival prizes

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  1. The McKittrick Hotel , home of the long-running immersive theater spectacle Sleep No More , announced the latest installment of its McKittrick Masquerade dance party series:

  2. Halloween falls on a Tuesday in — which really just means we start shambling around like the undead from Thursday to Sunday before the big night.

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