2018 atlantic journalism awards and prizes

2018 atlantic journalism awards and prizes

Annual celebrations of journalistic excellence and achievements in Atlantic Canada to be held on Saturday, April 28, , at the Halifax. Banner Image. Atlantic Journalism Awards. Entry system is closed and will reopen December 1, Return to AJAS website. HALIFAX, March 28, /CNW/ - The Atlantic Journalism Awards (AJAs) is gala reception and awards show on Saturday, April 28, at the Halifax Harbourfront Marriott Hotel. . The Jim MacNeill New Journalist Award.

Atlantic Journalism Awards

  • HALIFAX, April 12, /CNW/ - Atlantic Journalism Awards (AJAs) is pleased to announce this year's...
  • The Atlantic Journalism Awards is encouraging journalists in the region to of journalism education and celebration on April 28, at...
  • HALIFAX, April 12, /CNW/ - Atlantic Journalism Awards (AJAs) is pleased to announce this...

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2018 atlantic journalism awards and prizes -

Up to four additional letters of support can also be added. Two separate covers may be submitted per magazine as originally published in Atlantic Canada during the calendar year.

Investigative journalism stories are welcome in this category. These awards in the opinion of the judges display overall excellence in the content and presentation of a regularly broadcast news information program or talk radio program, which is not a daily newscast. Items can only be entered in one category unless the visual component is being entered in a Photojournalism category by a photojournalist.

Two separate profile stories per magazine may be submitted as originally published in Atlantic Canada during the calendar year.

Details should include the story's chronology and circumstances affecting its gathering and presentation as well as the resources money and time available to complete 2018 atlantic journalism awards and prizes stories. Entries should include a story or a series of not more than three related stories that displays enterprise as well as depth and quality of research.

Entries are submitted in English et aussi en francais. Entrants must be full time journalists or freelance journalists. Application procedures for all student awards are coordinated by the journalism schools.

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2018 atlantic journalism awards and prizes

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2018 atlantic journalism awards and prizes

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: 2018 atlantic journalism awards and prizes

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Atlantic Journalism Awards

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Atlantic Journalism Awards

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