List of whacking day prizes simpsons tapped out

List of whacking day prizes simpsons tapped out

The Simpsons: Tapped Out Whacking Day content update was released on May 9, and was the one It added a new character to the game and offers Whacking Day items again. The job Do Narobics isn't present anymore in characters' job list unless the quest is active. Act 3 Prizes cost was raised. Here's the complete list of new premium items, their effects, and their price: ITEM The Simpsons: Tapped Out Whacking Day Prizes FAQ. The Whacking Day Event was the fourth major event to take place in The order to get the new currency of Snakes, which could be collected to earn rewards, Below is a list of all the new content included in the original Whacking Day.

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The Simpsons Tapped Out Whacking Day Part 1

List of whacking day prizes simpsons tapped out -

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. I have eggs and counting and am willing to trade all of them, and more for the next few days of course. I have around eggs and would like to trade.

My ID is Smegfist, if anybody wants to share eggs ill give what i can. Next time that happens, film it and put it on YouTube. Homer what are you doing here in that get up?

The seventeenth content update , known as the Whacking Day content update of The Simpsons: Tapped Out was released on April 10, and is the long awaited Whacking Day update. It did not end on May 2, as originally thought, or on May 9, as originally stated in the guide but a week later on May 16, This is the first update to offer prizes, and the second requiring the player to tap on a non-playable character to kill them - the first was zombies during the Halloween Update in However, unlike the Halloween Update, the player has to enter a mode to whack the snakes - the Baton Mode.

The update comes with a new splash screen and a new icon. The update now allows players to watch every cutscene from the game in a special "Cutscene" section of the build menu; the cutscenes are "Kaboom", "Home Alone", "Treehouse" and "True Love".

The update for Google Play came with Origin, enabling Android players to add friends and visit their towns. This update also added a new maximum building and decoration count to the game. If the player has too many buildings and decorations a notice will appear: You currently have [number of buildings and decorations] buildings and decorations in your Springfield.

To ensure stability, the game now has a maximum building and decoration count of

List of whacking day prizes simpsons tapped out

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List of whacking day prizes simpsons tapped out It was first seen in the Whacking Day Event , when the player had to collect snakes in order to win prizes. List of whacking day prizes simpsons tapped out

There are so divers "gurus" that lack to peninsula out of pocket you the licit custom to do it that it may be irresistible just attempting to nature it all out.

I lost 5 just now. Collecting unlocks Fort Sensible, the first prize. I need lots of snake eggs! Tapped Out content updates. Community Prizes were reinstated after almost a years and a half in the Tap Ball Event with 4 prizes being available as the community collects soccer balls!

Which I know will matter when I'm trying to get a job someday.

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Tapped Out Whacking Day Prizes for 22500 Snakes REDDIT SPIKES 735 List of whacking day prizes simpsons tapped out

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  • Whacking Day was a limited time quest chain which consisted of 13 parts and...
  • The Simpsons: Tapped Out Whacking Day content update was released on May 9, and was the...
  • Whacking Day is a character collection in The Simpsons: Tapped Out. Donut Tapped Whacking Day...

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  1. It started on April 10, and ended on May 16, , after being extended by a week from its earlier planned end date of May 9,

  2. In this new update, some players may get a chill down their backs with these slithery creatures in the game but the best part is you get to whack them and collect points to exchange for limited edition items.

  3. I was just wondering how far everyone else is with the Whacking Day prizes and how many snakes they have collected.

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