Planning a family trip to belize sweepstakes

Planning a family trip to belize sweepstakes

Talk to our travel experts about your travel plan. Sleeping Giant Lodge: A romantic jungle escape in heart of Belize 6 things every family must do in Belize. If you were inspired by my fall family travel post from yesterday to plan a trip to To enter the giveaway, leave a comment before p PST by Wednesday. Let us help you plan your Belize vacation package based on your own unique who might be accompanying you is another primary consideration for families.

Planning a family trip to belize sweepstakes -

It had the old world charm with modern amenities. There is a neat gameroom in the hotel for kids and a great outdoor pool. We always feel we get more value for money in an apartment. They have pool side service and it is close to all of the hiking mountains that AZ has to offer.

Note to families that are attached to television — no television in the room unless by request and fee. Every hotel is my favorite hotel. Our favorite one was in Carlsbad, CA.

Belize offers many vacation options for such a small country about the size of Massachusetts. And, do you want a traditional Belize hotel, a villa or suite with a kitchen, a beach cabana, or a full service resort? And what about the jungle? Should you split your Belize vacation between the jungle and the beach, or just take day trips to the jungle and rainforest areas of Belize to check out the Mayan ruins, do some caving, jungle hiking, maybe some jungle horseback riding or jungle river canoeing?

And, what part of the jungle? The answer to all of these questions is, "It depends. We hope the information on our site is valuable to you, and that you'll let us assist you in planning your Belize experience. We look forward to hearing from you! We had a wonderful time in Belize.

You recommendations were right on the money. Even for the adults, there were a lot of first time experiences.

Thanks to all that entered for a chance to win a day vacation with luxury lodging throughout St. Congratulations to the winners of the Live as a remedy for Ta-Da! Sweepstakes Presented through Sherwin Williams: Congratulations to the weekly prize winners of the My Urban Life Sweepstakes: Get our latest touring news and trends delivered to your inbox.

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Planning a family trip to belize sweepstakes -

They still have the same kids activity called Camp Hyatt Kauai. Simple, centrally located, good breakfast, and economical! When we are splurging on just the two of us, we frequently choose Embassy Suites — we have always enjoyed our stays there. Honestly, I have never stayed in a motel or hotel. To enter the giveaway , leave a comment before We are blessed to have any travel experiences as a family.

Planning a family trip to belize sweepstakes

: Planning a family trip to belize sweepstakes

Planning a family trip to belize sweepstakes Fut single player draft prizes images

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