Neopets altador daily prizes image

Neopets altador daily prizes image

After 3 months of waiting, the Altador Plot prizes have arrived. Everyone got the same things this time around. To get your prizes, go to the Council Chamber and . After a long and tedious wait, you can finally be rewarded with mini-prizes for your You can also go back to King Altador daily to receive more prizes. Since about 2 weeks I can't get a daily prize in the Council Chamber, for my participation in the Altador plot, when clicking on the statue of King.

: Neopets altador daily prizes image

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Neopets altador daily prizes image -

Personally I'm disappointed in this prize shop. Follow jellyneo on Twitter for all the latest Neopets news! Where can I find some? Test Saskia's masks, go on quests, and earn prizes. If you participated in this event, visit the Governor's Mansion to collect your reward s.

For players that have taken part in 11 previous Cups, the new bonus is a collectible scarab: Can I still participate in the Cup?

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