Sleeman speakeasy prizes

Sleeman speakeasy prizes

This Thursday: The Sleeman Speakeasy is here! - pm. Sleeman samples, prizes & notorious fun. New Sleeman Contest For Canada. Enter to win 1 of 7 trips for 4 to Montreal to attend the Sleeman Speakeasy Party, or 1 of instant win prizes! Win one of . Currently, Sleeman is hosting a Speakeasy contest. It's free to However, if you win an instant prize, you need a PIN to claim it. A Facebook.

To enter the Contest, you must use a registered Facebook account, which is free. A confirmation implication will appear and you will automatically obtain five 5 basic Grand Hold dear entries into the Debate. A Facebook account, which is free, is due to be eligible to save Instant Win Prizes, and a valid PIN is required in order to claim them.

PIN codes are located on special bottles or cans in specially-marked participating product cases sold in Canada, either under the tab of can packaging or unworthy of the cap on box in packaging. To obtain bromide 1 PIN code externally purchase, legibly handwrite an original letter of at least fifty 50 words explaining why you would like to win a Prize, along with your last name, first celebrity, complete address including postal code, valid e-mail talk, and age.

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3 Best Secret Speakeasy Bars in America HOBBY COPTER Sleeman is having a great new contest! Bww gift card Enter the Sleeman SpeakEasy Contest for your chance to win tons of prizes including:. Sweepstake iPhone 6 32gb

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Open to all Canadian residents who are of legal drinking age. Instant Win Prizes include:. Log in to Reply Sleeman speakeasy prizes July 27, at 9: Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Log in to Reply Pen July 14, at

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Sleeman speakeasy prizes

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Sleeman speakeasy prizes -

Can We Be Friends? Enter for your chance to win exclusive access to the Sleeman SpeakEasy Party for you and 3 friends! Contest ends on September 15, There are also Instant Win Prizes available including: Log in to Reply Michelle Carrel August 16, at

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