Uber eats free donuts

Uber eats free donuts

In partnership with UberEats, free doughnuts were promised. Doughnut- loving Londoners crashed the app UberEats as they tried to. Earlier it was announced that UberEats were giving away doughnuts to Londoners as Krispy Kreme joined the food delivery app. As with. Let's brighten up your Wednesday with a box of doughnuts, shall we? You can request a free delivery of Krispy Kreme doughnuts via the Uber.
Uber eats free donuts

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Deliveroo trolls UberEats by giving away free doughnuts in London

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  1. For those of you let down by missing out on 36, free doughnuts from UberEats today… It might not be too late.

  2. The tie-in with doughnut chain Krispy Kreme and the UberEats app ended in disaster as the company quickly ran out of sugared treats.

  3. Doughnut-loving Londoners crashed the app UberEats as they tried to get their hands on 36, free Krispy Kremes.

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